Why the Cable Academic and Vocational Education Center


The goal of CJR's education programs is to provide students with an effective milieu of educational services in the least restrictive environment possible while assisting them in the development of requisite skills for success.  Educational programming is structured to support students in working towards a stronger work ethic, improved skills and study habits. 

Remedial instruction and inclusion services are provided for every student whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP) requires such assistance and in cases where such assistance is warranted.  An advanced class is provided for boys who are functioning at a higher level than the average student, and all students have the opportunity to enroll in one of eight vocational courses at CJR in addition to their academic classes.  

Transition services are provided and assist students in developing skills that will help them become independent and self-reliant.  Related services are provided by a school psychologist, school counselor, speech therapist, and other professionals, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA's). 

CJR also helps parents by providing support, discussion groups and advocacy.


For an overview of CJR's Education Programs, please click here.

For a curriculum description of CJR's Education Programs, please click here. 

 "I was horrible when I came here - really bad. I acted out and didn't know how to handle myself, I had a lot of issues.  I can honestly say that the CJR school has made me who I am today. At CJR, they know how to handle people and get them on the right path to progress."

- Alex, a former student at CJR's Cable Academic and Vocational Education Center

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