Residential Programs

The Connecticut Junior Republic provides four distinct residential programs to serve boys and girls who require residential care on a long- or short-term basis. Whenever possible, these programs seek to reunite young people with their families as soon as possible. Intensive home-based, family-focused services are generally provided during residential care and following discharge for all youth.

Short Term Residential Services

Please note: Referrals to CJR’s Residential Programs can be made only through the Courts and the Department of Children and Families.

Adolescent Male Intermediate Residential (AMIR) Program

CJR’s AMIR Program integrates Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) into its frame work of services and is designed to engage boys and their families in working together collaboratively during the four month treatment period. Conducted on CJR’s 150-acre Litchfield campus, this residential program is designed to decrease substance use, improve mental health and emotional regulation skills, and decrease delinquent activity so youth may return to their homes and communities as quickly as possible.

Connecticut Junior Republic Residential Program (CJRRP)

Located on CJR's Litchfield Campus, the CJRRP is a four-month residential program for committed delinquent male youth, ages 14 to 18, who have mild to moderate substance abuse treatment needs. The program uses Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) to improve educational functioning and mental health and to ensure each boy's re-engagement with his family, community and other support networks. The program provides intensive integrated mental health and therapeutic substance abuse services for enrolled youth.

Re-Entry, Goal-oriented, Individualized, Opportunity to Nurture Success (REGIONS)

The REGIONS Program is located at CJR's Waterbury campus and provides residential treatment, including clinical, educational, vocational and recreational services, for boys, ages 14 to 18, and their families. Over the course of up to six months of treatment, the REGIONS Program is designed to identify specific goals and implement individualized services for each resident to promote his successful return to his home and community.

Therapeutic Respite and Assessment Center (TRAC)

The TRAC Program is located on CJR's 150 - acre Litchfield campus and provides crisis intervention and assessment services for boys, ages 14 to 17, and their families. Over one to three months of residential treatment, the TRAC Program is designed to enhance family relationships and to ensure the successful return of each participant to his home and community.

Group Home

The Connecticut Junior Republic operates a group home in Winchester for boys referred by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).  See below for more information about this group home.

Winchester Group Home

The Connecticut Junior Republic's Therapeutic Group Home in Winchester provides a home-like residence and a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe environment for up to five adolescent boys with complex needs, all of whom are working toward more independent living.  In this family atmosphere, boys can reach appropriate developmental milestones and progress toward more independent living — gaining the skills necessary to negotiate a healthy living environment. 

All referrals to CJR's residential programs are made by the Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (CSSD) or by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Christine Jaffer, MSW, LCSW
Director of Residential Programs
550 Goshen Road
P.O. Box 161
Litchfield, CT 06759
Telephone: (860) 567-9423, ext. 255

The Connecticut Junior Republic (CJR) will provide a safe and secure environment for all residents. CJR ensures training, education, prevention, detection, response, investigation, and tracking of all reported acts of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. In accordance with state and federal regulations, the Connecticut Junior Republic's Annual PREA Report is that there were no allegations or incidents of sexual abuse reported between January 2020 - December 2020.

How do I report sexual abuse?
If you suspect that sexual abuse has occurred at a CJR program, you have several options for reporting. You may call Ms. Christine Jaffer, MSW, LCSW, the CJR PREA Coordinator, at (860) 567-9423, ext. 255; or you may call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1- 888-999-5545. Reports may also be made directly to the Police Department in the location where the allegations occurred. Please have any information or evidence available for the investigator who will be assigned to handle the case. All reports are taken seriously and investigated as outlined by CJR's PREA policies and procedures.

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