Advisory Council

The Connecticut Junior Republic's Advisory Council is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Junior Republic and the willingness to assist in advancing the work of the organization.

John J. Armstrong, West Haven
Martha Babbitt**, Litchfield
Jack Baker, Warren
Patrick J. Boland*, Litchfield
Dr. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr., North Haven
Mason Cable, Harwinton
William J. Cowie, Sharon
Arthur H. Diedrick, Litchfield
Ellen Reiley Ebbs**, Litchfield
Charles R. Ebersol, Jr.*, Litchfield
Margaret W. Field, New Preston
Anne J. Fitzgerald*, Watertown
Brian J. Flaherty, Watertown
Louis A. Friedrich, Goshen
Jane B. Hinkel**, Litchfield
The Honorable Nancy L. Johnson, New Britain
Matthew P. Karpas, Litchfield
Charles T. Kellogg*, Watertown
The Honorable Henry A. Kissinger, South Kent
Wendy Kuhne**, Litchfield
Jeffrey A. Lalonde, Litchfield
Honorable John B. Larson, East Hartford 
Susan A. Levine, Litchfield
Mark A. Mitchell, Bloomfield
Virginia L. Mortara, Litchfield
Declan Murphy*, Litchfield
Gregory S. Oneglia*, Litchfield
Anthony A. Pasquariello, Litchfield
George S. Patrick, M.D., Northampton, MA
F. Robert Petricone*, Litchfield
The Honorable Andrew W. Roraback, Litchfield
Charles E. Roraback*, Goshen
Philip G. Samponaro, Litchfield
Dennis G. Sherva, Litchfield
Patrick J. Sullivan, Hartford
William J. Sweetman, Litchfield
The Rev. Robert F. Tucker, Litchfield
Raymond A. Turri, Goshen
Barbara W. Veerman**, Litchfield
Sean Williams, Washington, D.C.
* Past President - CJR Board of Directors
** Past President - Litchfield Aid of CJR
  • Connecticut Junior Republic
  • 550 Goshen Road, P.O. Box 161
  • Litchfield, CT 06759
  • (860) 567-9423



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